What to expect from your reflexology treatment

Initial consultation/treatment for both hand and foot reflexology

I take a detailed medical history, and an understanding of your lifestyle and diet (which may be taken over the phone before the session in some instances). There are some long-term/complex medical conditions/medications that may require the advice of the medical professionals looking after you before receiving reflexology.

If you have a query, please let me know and we can discuss this before booking your appointment.

You will remain fully clothed for reflexology appointments

For foot reflexology

I will ask you to remove all footwear and be bare foot throughout the session. I assess your feet while you are standing to gain an understand of your posture and the underside of your feet once you are lying comfortably on the couch, this enables me to draw up a treatment plan unique for you.

For hand reflexology

You will be seated comfortably with your arms and hands resting on the couch and I will be sitting opposite you. I assess your hands and wrists once you are comfortable to enable me to draw up a treatment plan unique for you.

Continuation treatments

I begin the treatment by gaining an understanding of how you are feeling, any experiences or changes you may have noticed since your previous session, and what you are looking for from this treatment.

The treatment

My treatments always begin with an understanding of how you are feeling and what you are looking for from that day’s treatment. Firstly, I cleanse the hands/feet, then using a natural reflexology balm I complete a relaxation routine to relax and settle you, during the treatment I stimulate each reflex point using finger and thumb manipulation techniques to clear through the energy zones on the feet/hand to restore and re-balance the natural energy flow of the body and promote a deep sense of relaxation and wellbeing. I bring the session to a close with further relaxation techniques.

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